Artist bio

Marta Wojnarowska-Olszewska lives in Poland. Her job is related to environmental protection. She is also a female photographer. Photography has become her daily therapy and visual language through which she contacts the world and herself. In photography she convey some part of her emotions and her thoughts. She has been working on three projects. For last four weeks she has been deeply involved in what is happening in Ukraine. Her friends are Ukrainians, some of their relatives remain currently in the areas affected by attacks. She is a volunteer and she participates in protests. Hope for peace is still in her.




Digital Art

Artist Statement

As humans, we are constantly torn between our light side and our dark side. In order not to separate, we are looking for a balance. The search for balance has become a way of survival for me. I'm looking for the bright sides, hope, air. On the other hand, I am consumed by chaos, anger and fear. I still believe that I can achieve peace. But I also know that this moment will pass and the search will have to be started again.

How it fits into contest

Resisting evil, fighting human weakness and seeking peace, justice and the Holy Spirit is a constant struggle for me

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