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I am a multi-media artist. I love working with rocks and natural elements, am a watercolorist, stained glass artisan and jewelry designer. I've been an artist/craftsman all my life and it feeds my soul.


The Cross


Digital Art

Artist Statement

The Cross is a Pebble Art piece made with many different pebbles and the cross is surrounding a heart....the heart of Jesus. The heart is open, which means God's love is open and welcomes us in at all times.

How it fits into contest

The Cross is our protection at all times. We need only go to the cross in times of trouble...kneel and pray for protection. The Cross is our armor at all times. The open heart in this piece is God welcoming us in at all times and protecting us. He heart is always open, never closed. I know that I can go to the cross in times of trial and persecution and God will protect me.


God, of course gets all the credit!

How to Purchase this Artwork

The cost of this piece is $300. Anyone can contact me by email: It can be purchased by PayPal, Venmo or Cash App.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I also do watercolors, stained glass, wood burning, vintage jewelry art, jewelry, murals. I can be contacted at or on Facebook at Eclecticity - Art by Lisa Alberghini.

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