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I am Efraim IDS, call me Kef, I live in Bandung, the capital city of West Java, Indonesia, where the first non-aligned countries held a conference in 1955. I am an artist, who in 1988 completed an informal art education from basic to advanced level for 3 years, at Sanggar Ligar Sari, which was founded by leading artists in my country, hundreds of members of this studio, and several active in the international arena have also received awards from United Nations I work on mix media, art work, painting, drawing, with various media, and have had several joint exhibitions. where I studied, in the past I was appointed to teach children to adulthood, and then was appointed to deal specifically with children with specific needs, ranging from delinquency, stress, and special needs, and at the same time became a secretary in that place to deal with the member artists. I was ordained before the congregation as a choir minister in my church GII (Indonesian Evangelical Church) Hok Im Tong Pusenkav. I have handled several performances including a spiritual opera entitled black and white as art director and stage director to help fund the building of the POUK church (Christian Ecumenical Fellowship), 3 times nationally including the greatest love, to raise funds for the procurement of special spiritual hymn books for childreen,YAMUGER anak , .I have worked with Graha Cipta Hadiprana, an international company in the field of architects and interiors, working on paintings, certain art work for main rooms such as the presidential suite, ball room and dome lobby, etc. at Bali Intercontinental Resort Hotel, Villa Tanah Gadjah also some villas in the bali area. my current activity is painting at my house in bandung and started producing a mix of manual and digital media inspired because some time ago for 3 years I was chosen to hold cultural education in the area where I live and I chose to voluntarily return to dealing with children with special needs, deafness, autism, ADHD and disorder oriented, through painting lessons, I learned to appreciate every stroke and spontaneity more. which was so difficult for these children to do... even to just scribble on a piece of paper needed a struggle, I archived some of them to assess the progress of focus and fine motor skills, even torn paper I saved, I counted how many seconds it can withstand scratching and how long to hold 1 color, they taught me to see problems in 3 dimensions, the approach I took was by imitating them, motion, sound, etc. to gain genuine trust, then slowly without pressure invite them to imitate me in painting, to be able to overcome difficulties in painting. focus and anger control (tantrums) one of them is at At first this boy can only scratch once to scribble on a piece of paper..,I teach in parks and public places that are open to practice the challenge of focus distortion, I get appreciation from their school, because the children become calmer and react well, their speech becomes more traceable, news from parents there is a quick jump, for self-control, the bonus is her mother's happy tears :). I only teach a few children, because it takes 3 hours a day to teach what is the specific needs. This experience resulted in a series of paintings mix media, digital media mixes, to represent the beauty of distortion and depth that I feel without losing the crayon features on ig @ efraim.kef


cheer up boy ride time


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

represents a challenge that is difficult to face,
especially for children who are disoriented,
focus from zero steps to 53 steps forward in a balanced way
without guidance, exercises on the railroad tracks near my house,
this painting depicts a mirror of struggle,
everyone is represented whatever he faces, use it

How it fits into contest

armor of God makes us worthy to be channels of His blessing
someday when I'm not in this world,
let people know how a christian lives for everyone,
regardless of ethnicity, race and religion
rome 10 : 14
I want to convey it via
direct and impactful symbols



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this artwork
painted on paper, mixed media, but can be printed serially
$ 2000

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