Artist bio

I love the Lord and work to honor Him with my artwork. It helps for me to create visuals of scripture as reminders so I can absorb His word daily. My first passion was art as a young child and now I teach art to children. Creating art tends to be my place of worship. I praise Him, the Greatest Artist of all, for giving me the gift of creating. It gives me joy to teach the skills of creating.


Fruits of the Spirit


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

The Cross has been a symbol of the debt paid by Christ for our sins. I have long strived to edify the Fruits of the Spirit in my life. Creating a visual of the Fruits serves as a reminder of how our relationship with Christ can transform us to become followers that honor Him in our walk. Just as the cross is a symbol, each of the 9 smaller artworks within the cross symbolize each Fruit and what it means to me.

How it fits into contest

To be fully absorbed and transformed in the characteristics that God encourages, in the Fruits of Spirit, I believe is the best armor of God we can put on.


Michelle Grier, my best friend, my kindred spirit and sister in Christ

Shayna Sutton, my artist buddy, my idea guru

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