Artist bio

I'm student of graphic art at University of Arts in Poznan.




Mixed Media

Artist Statement

I made my work in the mezzotint technique, which is a gravure printing technique made on a copper plate. I used a rocker, a burnisher and paint to create it. This work shows Lucifer, however, not in the standard depiction which is usually disgusting and repulsive, but as a beautiful woman who is meant to encourage herself. Just like evil, which tempts us to sin, Lucifer's appearance should tempt us, not scare us away. This work is a reference to the letter to the Ephesians in such a way that it shows that this fight between good and bad is not so easy, because evil has all its tricks, therefore we need good armor and trust in the Lord.

How it fits into contest

this work refers to the ephesians in that it shows the devil himself, who will be a heavy opponent thanks to his hidden powers, and on this work also thanks to his appearance. Evil tempts us and encourages us at every step, so we must put on the armor of God and be strong in the Lord to be able to fight this fight.

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