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Natalie Dadamio (b. 1979) is a mixed media artist living and working in Upstate, N.Y. (USA) Natalie is predominantly self-taught and returned to art making later in life. Ever since her deep awakening moments, and being magically dropped into a few scenarios that would solidify that the artists path was truly calling her forward, she has sought to expand more and more ever since. Natalie fuses the mystical and the spiritual into her life and art work. She stepped on the alternative healing path over a decade or so ago, and little did she know it would lead her magically back to creating art. As someone who has endured a lot in her life, she desires to share her art, words, and creative gifts with the world in order to bring healing not only to herself, and others but to the planet.


On A Wing And A Prayer


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

On A Wing And A Prayer is a colorful mixed media painting that is speaking directly to the spiritual battle one faces in life. This piece is more about the aftermath and the salvation one encounters as they slay their internal demons. The cascading colors offer hope of ones return to a more graceful life after they have overcome their own personal demons, trials and tribulations. The battle has ensued, the dust has settled and the sword of truth has cut through the noise of today's world. Peace has been restored and is found in the bursting colors of creation.

How it fits into contest

I was looking at Ephesians 6:10-20 and the spiritual battle that is mentioned as a metaphor for one's personal spiritual battle within the mind. In life, we can get bogged down, bombarded, scared and stay in fear and its the thoughts that keep us from living into our fullest potential. So perhaps the evil that one is slaying is their own internal state of being, it's not a literal battle but an internal battle. So when we come to terms with our inner demons and start to slay them within through the power of the word and the gospel and start to speak sweetly to ourselves and gently then we have really conquered the beast within. The way to salvation is to rise above the noise in our minds and to return to the graceful heart that we were initially seeded with. My artwork, On A Wing And A Prayer is more about the aftermath of the battle, the lightness one feels, the peace that returns, the grace that is received through moving through our internal war and coming out, victorious.

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36" x 24" Mixed Media On Canvas - $1200.00
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