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Esther Sunrise Marcano, fondly known as Esther Sunrise, her Art Signature, and Sunrise Visual Arts and Design, her Brand, has pursued Visual and Fine Art & Design for the past 12 years and on-going, inclusive of her entire academic journey of which has achieved and maintained excellence, from receiving prize awards for the highest in Visual Arts for Five Consecutive Years, amongst hundreds, and distinctions within the art-field, graduating with an Upper Class Honors from a BA in Visual Arts and Design, and exhibiting in the National Museum of Trinidad and Tobago on multiple occasions, from personal to group exhibitions such as CARIFESTA Trinidad 2019. She works as an Art Practitioner, exploring and experimenting, creating Traditional Artworks to Abstract, Modern, and Contemporary Artworks, implementing Multi-Media throughout the years. Her recent works can be described as Abstract-Realism, layered with symbolism, authenticity and experience. Her paintings are futuristic, inspirational, and modern. While pursuing her BA Degree in Visual Arts and Design, she pursued Interior Decorating in which she also learnt and nurtured her passion for Interior Decorating and Designing within the Art-Field. Thus, she is currently pursuing this love simultaneously. On another note, her artistic nature funds her creative hairstyles as she is widely known for her physical attribute, her 'long' hair, which she often enjoys sharing her creations and assisting friends (hair tips) across her Socal Media Network. Thus, when at times she isn't behind the paint-brush, the comb becomes her new tool in which she paints masterpieces for others for Weddings, Birthdays, Parties, or any Special Occasion! She welcomes you on this Journey in Sharing Life, Love, and Light through Her Art and Design World! Follow: Sunrise Visual Arts & Design Artes Visuais e Design da Sunrise Instagram Facebook: Sunrise Visual Arts & Designs TikTok: LinkedIn: Esther Sunrise Twitter: esthersunrisett WhatsApp +1-868-707-1636 for Inquires! Thank you Greatly!




Mixed Media

Artist Statement

This artwork is inspired by the spiritual metamorphosis of God in my life. I chose mixed-media materials such as paints (acrylics), coloured pencils, charcoals, oil pastels, chalk pastels, spray-paints and resin to create symbolic forms that takes the viewer on a journey into the spiritual evolution narrated through the piece, and the spiritual awakening of what it takes to overcome this battle; that is, fought by faith. May it inspire the hearts to whomever it reaches.

How it fits into contest

My name is Esther Sunrise Marcano. When I paint from my soul experiences, I paint introspectively, and very passionately.
Looking at what is happening in the earth today, it makes me think of Christ, The Refuge, ultimately making Ephesians 6:10-20 so timely in its fulfilling, making us conscious of our opponent. As the enemy is ranging, we who are held to That Refuge is given an Eagle anointing to rise and be strong, and in the power of His might.
Two wings are given to fly above the wiles of the enemy and that warrior spirit is captured within the Spirit of the Eagle being the only creature that can fly to the highest mountain peak. The eagle’s eyes are focused on the prize in this spiritual battle, as the girl (Myself; Self-Portrait) has found peace being born-again in Christ Alone.
This peace not only speaks of a change from the old to the new man but also that the change is irreversible. The butterflies symbolize that irreversible law of transformation that our souls take when birthed in faith.
This piece speaks of That Heavenly Flight where she finds That eternal rest and is “able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all to stand, Stand.”


Esther Sunrise Marcano- Artist

How to Purchase this Artwork

*Original ArtWork: TTD $100,000. | USD $14774.37
Can be Bid or Auctioned, as well as, Negotiated.

MIXED MEDIA Materials such as paints (acrylics), coloured pencils, charcoals, oil pastels, chalk pastels, spray-paints and resin.

Length:45 3/8” x Width: 51”
1 5/8” Thick Stretch Canvas on Wood
Wall Hanging

*High-quality printing done on velvet cotton rag paper 330 gsm. using archival inks which last approximately 200 years.

Size: 14x11in (35.6x27.9cm) = USD $55.00
Size: 11x8.5in (27.9x21.6cm) = USD $35.00
Original/Print: Print
Signed: Yes
Materials: Archival Inks, Velvet Cotton Rag Paper 330gsm.
Ships from: Trinidad and Tobago

*Photographic Paper

Size: 14x11in (35.6x27.9cm) = USD $15.00
Size: 11x8.5in (27.9x21.6cm) = USD $15.00
Original/Print: Print
Signed: Yes
Materials: Photographic Paper
Ships from: Trinidad and Tobago

Kindly Contact: WhatsApp +1-868-707-1636 to Purchase, For More Info. and Inquires!

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Tradition to Modern Hand-Made Home-Decor; Direct Commissions; Online Classes (Visit Facebook: Sunrise Visual Arts & Designs' ALBUMS for More Details); Workshops (Sip and Paint Events); Plein Air Events & much more!

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