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Artist bio

Artist, Hardkoa lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. Over the years he has been creating figurative, realistic, and abstract art using graphite, oil, and acrylic paints.  Recently added to the repertoire are collage and sculpting. Hardkoa (aka: Albert Weight) has been creating since childhood, even during periods when he doesn’t create, his mind is still conceptualizing compositions. Hardkoa is creating more then he has ever been in the last year, and is hopeful God will bless him with another year of creating and sharing His Word. The influence of art in society, through engaging art, is a direction Hardkoa is hoping to achieve. Whatever the subject, Hardkoa tries to make the viewer stop, and take a closer look.


Suit Up and Stand


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

My understanding of the Scripture Ephesians 6:10-20 translates: Knowing God through His Word (the Bible), talking to Him and standing confidently in any situation because of Him and His gift of grace. As a result, preparing ourselves to hopefully be apart of His army, when Yahusha /Jesus returns to clam His Kingdom.

As an artist, I look forward to creating something for God’s sake, every chance I get. This piece is my tribute to the evidence of God’s existence through scripture/apologetics/eschatology, archeology, theology, the historicity of the Bible and a close/personal relationship with our Father in Heaven. Over the years these are the elements I applied in building my faith and strengthening my relationship with my creator. Hopefully, God speaks to others through this piece, which He hath provided. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to share and honor the gift of His Word through art.

How it fits into contest

Ephesians 6:10-20 has key words/phrases I focused on to create a composition. “Suit up and Stand” is my translation of this scripture.

For example:

“The Sword of the Spirit” = (The Word of God/ figures left hand on the Bible), The Bible also represents: “The Shield of Faith”.
“The Belt of Truth” = (Jesus name engraved on the belt, in Hebrew), John 14:6 Jesus is the way, truth and life.
“The Breastplate of Righteousness” = (The figure in the foreground is wearing a t-shirt that has an Alpha and Omega logo symbolizing Gods righteousness. Also, the t-shirt is covered with scripture in the under layer of the painting.)
“The Helmet of Salvation“ (The name of our Savior, in Hebrew, on the cap, Note: cap off in prayer)
“Struggles not against flesh and blood, but against rulers, authorities and evil powers in heavenly places”, = (multiple images in the fire/smoke)
- “fiery arrows” = (missiles in flight)
“standing firm in prayer” = (figure in foreground in prayer)
and other imagery are representing Biblical text in this piece.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Price: $7,000
Albert Weight

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