Moeez Ali

Artist bio

I am a 360* artist and I am from Pakistan. I am graduated in architecture but I had God gifted skill of art and I realize when I was in 3rd class and then I started drawings of cartoons first, I was draw hundred of cartoons and then started sketching, painting, canvas, mandala art, doodling, stepping even all categories of art and was going to depth and I continue my art for more than 13 years. I take part in my art competitions and declare as a winner.


The World after Covid


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

This artwork is based on the present conditions of the world and due to Covid large amount of people died. So, it shows how the world looks like after covid.

This artwork is made to enhance the awareness of covid.

How it fits into contest

The world after Covid:
My painting engages with Ephesians 6:10-20 on a few different levels. First, it shows awareness means due to the present time, everyone faces covid the disease and fight against it. So, it is fit for that many people not giving importance to it and take it easier. It would enhance the awareness about covid that if we will not fight together against covid then only "1" human will be able to live in this world.
We should aware of it and take care ourselves.



How to Purchase this Artwork

Artwork Price: $1250

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I make artworks on order in every type of category and in every material. So, if you want your favorite artwork or buy visit my "Instagram & Facebook page" which is @elisratwork_1, and text me there I will answer and fulfill your wish.
I am also an art teacher if you want to seek art then I will teach you professionally and I will tell you those tips and techniques you never listen to and learn ever before.

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