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My is Hopewell Qwabe from Empangeni I reside in KwaDlangezwa in a Reserve area. I am a Fine Art post graduate from Durban University of Technology. I have facilitated and trained a number of youth from different Northern Districts for Visual Arts. I also assisted for Visual Arts at the University of Zululand in the center for Creatives Arts for two years.


Through colors of the city


Mixed Media

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My contemporary work is inspired by the norms of 25 years of multi – faceted realities in South Africa, through the aspects of “Body and Mind” as a social discourse.
I am investigating issues which evoke matters that haunt our women, specifically the ones from both urban and rural areas. Some of them have experienced the city life where they go to tertiary institutions, while others go to look for jobs as the issue of unemployment in this country is at stake.
Some women in South Africa are occupying bigger job positions while others are lucratively self empowered with their owned businesses. In some of my investigation findings is that women’s lives are torn and always have been pushed around as a result they end up taking wrong or rather negative decisions trying to protect themselves and thrive to live a better life.
Most women in South Africa have been abused and murdered. The abused have kept silent because they do not know how to act, especially the ones from rural settlements. This also applies to the ones from urban areas where they do not know how to exercise their rights. I interrogate these intimidating cases either at home or in public spaces where women do not realize their power instead they feel so inferior whether under domination of parents or men, literally.
In most cases they are being lured by both city men and women who take advantage of them. Some women have killed and destroyed lives to make their way to live better life as per their solution or perception to try and mend the scars of abuse. I have interrogated so many forms of women abuse that one can name a lot different of these forms. This is why some women choose negative paths because of lack of knowledge and they are sick and tired of being victimized.
My work specifically deals with these issues by looking at our women choosing the short cuts by vacating to the cities trying to extricate and better their lives. I am against women abuse I perceive it as an eyesore and we must always remember that women have fragile heart. This is why my work deals with the aspects of Body and Mind as a social discourse.

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Spiritual battle



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by my cell phone contact number 0726700033

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I facilitate and train for visual art around my community

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