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My name is Demetrious, as I would consider myself primarily a relational artist, through my life experiences and career paths. That has kept me in constant interaction with a wide variety of people here and abroad. I like to incorporate items of day to day usage.Such as newspaper articles with stenciled or cut out letterworks. To even utilize digital symbols like # or the @ sign mix with graffiti stylization. Even my studies in apparel design and a career in textiles. All of which being mosaically intertwined in my overall body of work. However my current medium of choice being photographic and digital. Has been momentarily sidestepped to revert back to sketching and mix media for the expression of Ephesians 6:10-20.


Who,s Report Shall U Believe ?


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Utilizing modern day symbolism of the hash tag with collage words and imagery to pose the question of the practicality in our ability to choose life in Christ, to apprehend God,s
recomendation of life over death, by His word being the only diet for our spirit being born from above as a new creation by the Holy Spirit within us.

Therefore, as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven now, as we have been translated at salvation into the rule, realm and royalty of God already seated in heavenly places. Though physically in this present world system not to be governed by it's principle in outcome.

Whether, we are confronted with trial
or trubulation as alerted that there would be such. We have already been favour with all that pertains to life and. god-likeness to be able to respond not react to circustances by the words of eternal life spoken of our own mouths as a life giving spirit.

Being justified before God we are now required to live by the faith of Jesus with our believing directed towards all that He is and we have been made in Him, by revelation of our helper the
Holy Spirit leading us deeper into truth to be an experiental reality over the facts of a contrary world system.

How it fits into contest

The scripture admonishes the believer and new creation in Christ Jesus. That we are ambassadors for the annointing of the annointed One.

We are in the world but not of it, That we are of His sheep fold and to know His voice and none other should be
followed. We are not orphans nor forsaken, that our bodies are temples
where the same Spirit that rose Jesus from the dead being joint to the Lord we are now one with the Holy Spirit dwelling inside our spirit.

Therefore, as in the natural one can't walk/by faith until we first stand/in the grace of God being His unmerited
favour and enabling power of His might flowing through us.

We are rapidly approaching the end of the Gentile and Church age. Surely
no believer wants his coming to catch us like a thief in the night as alerted in Matt.24:44-46. Being mindedful of the times we can be about whatever assignment or purpose saught and disclosed to us by the Holy Spirit within us.

That are minds are continually being renewd by the word of God. The bases of the entirety of our amouring
ourselves fully.

To equip us to stand and withstand in the evil day.Whether our loins, could that be a reference our spiritual reproduction. Thy word is true Oh Lord. All the way through to the tip of the sword of the Holy Spirit who works with and confirms God's word with mircles without warning, Glory to God!

If the Lord does not tary, let us be found ruling at His glorious return believing He shall return as He said for that is the report of the Lord, shalom!



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