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Abstract & Surrealist Artist, Games Designer/Executive & Licensed US Lawyer Since 2018, I’ve been a professional artist. Prior thereto, I was a designer making app & casino games and previous to that I practiced law. Throughout my life, I’ve painted and drawn to create art that brightens the lives of select collectors - I now share professionally. CREATIVE EXPERIENCE See dynamic portfolio at & see Additional artworks of mine & my Artist Statement and CV info are at, & Abstracts: My traditional and dynamic Artist Statements are at & artworks of mine can be seen at,, & Enjoy the challenge of finding my hidden-within the artwork E signature. See, Surrealist Work: I creatively collaborate with Jeffrey Q. Guanlao aka JickJick, see our co-created 22 tarot major arcana cards at [“Tarot Cards are co-created by JickJick.and E. Mark Gross.”] and see Nightmares visual allegory at Exhibitions ● Small Works—Big Talent, Jan, 2021: Group Exhibition artist,, Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach, California, USA ● Biomorphic Colors, Shapes & Flow, Dec. 2019 - Jan. 2020: Solo Exhibition of my artworks, Makati, PH Education Boston University School of Law, Boston, MA - J.D., 1987 Honors & Activities on request Touro College, New York, NY - B.A. in Business Economics, 1984, Dean's List Full E. Mark Gross CV, available on request. Also see


Forward Travel, 2020. Mixed media on black archival paper. Artwork 210 × 297 mm & 2020-22 digital artwork



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E. Mark Gross Artist Statement
“Vibrant” - “Colorful - “Intricate” - “Dynamic” - “Organic” - “Exotic” - “Aquatic” . . . is how patrons describe my art.
I’m gratified; they get what I’m pursuing. After undergrad and law school, I was a lead game designer & now I’m a full time artist.
As an abstract MIXED MEDIA ARTIST and ANIMATION ARTIST, my aim is to create meaningful art that brings pleasure and positivity.
And fun, too; I hide my signature E within each artwork.
Search … & find it : )

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A Gospel of E. Mark
“Pray also for me, that whenever I speak, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in chains. Pray that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should.” Ephesians 6:19-20.
We’re all created by God, who alone is eternal, omniscient and omnipotent.
Immorality, including deceit, are never God’s way.
I declare, God is only truth and righteousness! And only these endure.
No shortcuts or excuses!
Yes, fearlessness is needed within us to, without deviation, act morally and truthfully.
There is blessing upon us if we compellingly share God’s way with each other, so that we live the peace that results.
God’s call to act in holiness, righteousness and truth (Leviticus Chapter 19 and elsewhere), is eternal and without exception.
If we by our ineffectiveness (we’re imperfect & in need of grace), hypocrisy, misguidedness, folly or evil, cede our morality and decency (thereby adding to the fallen state of our temporal world), we will not only live diminished lives;
our souls after passing will not harmoniously realign with the God eternity from which we derive.
All that is subterfuge, rationalization or otherwise misguided, is not of God.
I testify of this Gospel awareness and encourage us all to heed where we feel the spirit, and to avoid actions which cause us to depart from God’s way ... and suffer in spirit darkness.
With or without each of us, God endures!
Let us stay on the path and join with God in Forward Travel.
We can choose with our consistent actions to join God’s eternal ways … and live in glory.
Forward Travel is my artwork comprised of;
- a mixed media work on archival paper, expressing the in-the-moment truth that God is always moving forward, &
- a digital work, expressing in a kinetic manner the truth that God over time is always moving forward.
The 'battle' for our souls is not waged in armor and won or lost in a day. It tests us by requiring, throughout our lifetime, consistent diligence and proper actions.


Adult assistants re. digital file creation
Mr. Christian Espinueva
Ms. Camille Sapad

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