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CREATIVE ARTIST Educator Actor, producer, director Choreographer/dancer NIFCA Award Winner 🏆 drama and dance (Barbados 🇧🇧) Singer/Songwriter- UK songwriting contest award winner Semifinal award (film) 2020-21


From Whence They Came



Artist Statement

The piece examines the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the New World on the ships the Pinta, Nina and Santa Maria, from the perspective of the indigenous people. As cultures collided, the mantra of the conquerors was "God! Gold! Glory!" It was a battle of soldiers armour against the armour of God to win souls for His kingdom. To Christianize the conquered by any means necessary meant the use of terror, coercion and force much as is seen even today with invasion of sovereign nations in the 21st century. Europe as a principality hovers as a force of darkness as it subjugated and enslaved indigenous people and later Africans brought to the new world. Pen and ink on paper.

How it fits into contest

The words then of feet shod in the gospel of peace, as well as the breastplate of righteousness, the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God and helmet of salvation misinterpreted either deliberately or unintentionally create the crisis and conflict when cultures collided.

The metaphor of fiery darts of the enemy as well as the literal attempts by the conquered to fend off subjugation for the artist represents the internal struggle of a law of intention and what it does to one's own soul in the battle of good over evil.

As Christians we are to love our neighbour as ourselves. I see a nexus in Psalm 133 where brethren dwell together in unity. I see the anointing of the dove of peace at Jesus Christ's own baptism. He sought to make disciples of those who were seen as outcasts. The whole armour of God then becomes the oil anointed and running down the head of Aaron unto His beard and the edge of the skirts of his garment. This is the peace anointing of the gospel for God and for glory. Gold is when you have found true treasure.

As an artist then my own journey was one of introspection that what Ephesians 6: 10-20 asks I truly live.
Prayer, supplication, perseverance, faith, truth, breastplate of righteousness, love to others, Bible reading, strength in the Lord and in the power, true power of His might not mankind's.

Battle of good over evil 'From Whence They Came' military might and armour versus the full armour of God. The question for me is in what armour are we suited up in the 21st century?

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