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I’m a visual artist practicing multidisciplinary art to; share imaginations, contrast realities, develop possibilities and digest dialogues. My diverse practice focuses more on drawing illustrations under spirituality, humanity and ecology.


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Artist Statement

This is an illustration of Paul in virtual reality, with the scripture scroll he is peacefully seeking enlightenment than he used fight for glory, power and authority. So instead of blood and flesh battles, he resorts to spiritual strength.

How it fits into contest

Initially Paul persecuted the Lord’s Church, he physically fought believers in the and slew preachers. The Lord anointed this same murderer to spearhead believers in a spiritual battle against the Church’s persecutions.


I acknowledge Job Anomet Olego and Bruno Tusingwire Ruganzu for the artistic talks they engaged me in. These have been the backbone of my entire practice, they’ve nurtured the artist I’m presently.
A big thanks to the organisers and sponsors of Engage Art, for uplifting abridged and forthcoming talents in the respective disciplines.

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