Artist bio

I am an International graduate student at Florida Atlantic University. My specialization is a graphic design but I also do a visual art works.


Life self-portrait



Artist Statement

This project represents past, present and future. It basis on the most memorable emotions and life events that I experienced, experience and will experience. Each of us has internal (hidden, not shown to others) and external (shown and shared with people) part. Therefore, each shape (lifetime period) has internal and external words.
The past is obstacles, hard decisions and feelings - the form is stable, closed, with big number of sharp corners. The present is different emotional events in the moment - the form is complex as it is the middle between the past and the future, has corners from the past but also open space from the future. The future is bright, stellar - the shape is mostly round, open, has a star forms and some slight corners.

How it fits into contest

My works is a representation of my life as a servant of God. In my work, I reflected the feelings and emotions that arise on the way of confrontation and temptation to the forces of evil. Also I included words in which I look for support, strength or that have influence on me.


My university professor Stephanie Cunningham

How to Purchase this Artwork

To purchase the work, send an email to me:
The price is 1500$

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I mostly offer graphic (logos, corporate identity, posters, design of any printed materials) and web design (landing page layout, mobile app design) services but I also create artworks (shapes, complex, layered works from paper).

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