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"Jon Bøe Paulsen is a prize winning painter from Norway whose neo-realist portraits have gained him international exposure over the last four decades. His introduction into the art world was through theatre workshops in high school, where he learned the art of self-control. In the same manner, Paulsen paints to convey single narratives with strong characters, using minimal light and a restricted colour palette to let his subject last longer in the eye of the viewer." Singulart. France


Son of God



Artist Statement

The artwork is created in charcoal on paper and made in a free and accessible form despite the motif's strong symbolic value. I had a desire to show the real suffering of Jesus since I have not seen much of it in visual art. I hope I have succeeded and the charcoal drawing is a study for a future oil painting.

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Reconciliation, grace, and forgiveness are central to Paul's letter to the Ephesians about 62 years after the Son of God was crucified. Has the passing of Jesus Christ meant so much that one can speak of atonement and forgiveness? Even for the biggest crime? Paul knew what abuse a population could be subjected to. He himself was imprisoned when he wrote the letter. A letter that was also addressed to non-Jewish members of the Ephesian congregation, bearing in mind that Christ was considered the King of the Jews. See how great grace can be if one can attain salvation and atonement even after committing such an act. The Son of God was tortured to death, and yet he himself had said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." Luke 23. My work of art shows the helpers taking the mutilated body of Jesus Christ down from the cross. Such a picture can be the beginning of salvation for those who want forgiveness of their sins. A reconciliation between groups that were previously enemies was Paul's highest wish.

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