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Michelle is a Blue Mountains Australian based Christian artist and art therapist who is a descendant of the Wiradjuri and Kamilaroi Nations. Michelle’s creative works has been showcased in a number of exhibitions, including the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, 2020 Art Fair, and the Head On Photo Festival, 2019. Before training as an art therapist, Michelle’s decade-long role as an art coordinator in an all-female correctional centre, saw her facilitate daily workshops aimed to support young women overcoming emotional, mental and behavioural difficulties by engaging with, and expressing themselves through art. Michelle’s creative works are rich in poetic sensibility, exploring themes around human experience, connections between the physical and spiritual, and metaphors of the soul.


Songs in the Night (Lockdown series)


Other, Sculpture

Artist Statement

As night oppresses and encircles me, the Lord turns my fear to songs; my sorrows into dancing. He clothes me in His majesty, bringing forth my protection, strength, gratitude, and joy, against the wasting. I, a wounded worshiper, imperfect and a sinner, become a living rehearsal for my eternal song.

Despite the transfixion of life’s barbs and eclipsed by suffocating shadows, the three-dimensional life size installation, emanates a sculptural rhythm of ethereal armoury, in self-portraiture (soul, body, spirit). Enclosed by the blackness of spiritual oppression and complex grief, heightened during lockdown, the ‘night’ realm of spiritual and physical chaos is metaphorically represented within an abandoned home.

As an artist and art therapist, expressing my biblical beliefs and experiences through devotional creativity, is a powerful realization into spiritual warfare; while being a sanctuary for deepening my love relationship with Jesus. In unifying my personal faith with my professional calling, I have experienced a deeper level of faith, transformation, and defence that I now share with others.

How it fits into contest

A multi-disciplinary series that can move across sculpture, drawing, painting, installation art, photography and film - Songs in the Night is a devotional series that aims to poetically and metaphorically illustrate Ephesians 6:10-20 and Psalm 30: 11-12.

Using colour, light, pattern and posture, the armor of God is lyrically and worshipfully interpreted as a spiritual appearance on a threefold self (soul, body, and spirit); while the spiritual battle is conceptualized through the backdrop of a derelict house.


This body of work was inspired by Holy Scripture, Christian music and therapeutic dance, Charles H. Spurgeon, and art therapy literature.

Hand cut perspex, acrylic painting, recurve bow arrow attachments, installation, photography and video by artist

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Artist & Arts Therapist at Upper Room Christian Creative Therapy, Blue Mountains - Dharug Country

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