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Steve A. Prince is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, and currently resides in Williamsburg, Virginia. He is the Director of Engagement and Distinguished Artist in Residence at the Muscarelle Museum at William and Mary University. Prince received his BFA from Xavier University of Louisiana and his MFA in Printmaking and Sculpture from Michigan State University. Prince is a mixed media artist, master printmaker, lecturer, educator, and art evangelist. He has taught middle school, high school, community college, 4-year public and 4-year private, and has conducted workshops internationally in various media. He has worked with several church denominations across the nation spreading a message of hope and renewal philosophically rooted in the cathartic nature of the Jazz Funerary tradition of New Orleans. To Prince, art media is like languages to a linguist as he adeptly tithers between two-dimensional and three-dimensional artistic practices while working with virtually every age bracket and multiple ethnicities. He is represented by Black Art in America in Columbus, Georgia, Zucot Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia and Stella Jones Gallery in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Stand Against the Wiles: Alpha Omega



Artist Statement

Stand Against the Wiles: Alpha Omega is a Linoleum Cut on Paper. When I reflected upon the Nativity scene that we traditionally see during the Christmas season nestled in front yards and church lawns across the nation, the relationship between Mary and Jesus bubbled to the surface and I saw their lives reflected in every mother and every child that has entered a beautiful, perilous, awe inspiring and uncertain world. The mother is adorned with a headdress that symbolizes the weight of the world on her mind as she nurtures, guides, feeds, protects, and trains her child how to navigate this sometimes-treacherous world. The house bends but does not break under the pressure of the world that tries to penetrate it, and it becomes one of our first sacred spaces on earth beyond the mother’s womb. The home sits amidst church facades, prison and border walls, rust and Bible belts afflicted by opioids, and “strange fruit hanging from poplar trees.” A trinity of telephone poles/crosses reminds us of Christ’s sacrifice at Golgotha, place of the skull. Alpha and Omega means beginning and end, Jesus is our peerless example whose sacrifice bridges the gap and through Him we have access to the Father and eternal life. Matthew 10:30 states, “and even the very hairs on your head are numbered,” alludes to the idea that generations exist in the DNA of our hair and God’s omnipotent power. The Holy Spirit circulates in the center of the composition creates a hedge of protection for the mother and child. The great devourer serpentines around her waist seeking to kill and destroy the baby. The mother is emblazoned with the letters “AOG,” which is derived from the book of Ephesians 6:12, where Paul writes, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Paul encouraged his followers to put on the whole Armor of God. May we "stand against the wiles of the devil," may we recognize the Christ in all of us, may we seek God’s protection over generations to come, and may we be the salt of the earth!

How it fits into contest

The image Stand Against the Wiles: Alpha Omega, is derived directly from the scripture and compositionally I attempt to visualize the principalities that circulate around us. It was important for me to reveal how contemporary culture continues to grapple with the same forces generation after generation. The image reveals the perilous march we tread daily, navigating the snares of the "enemy," that is set to kill and destroy us. But ultimately, my image reveals the power and agency we have as Christians, "and after you (we) have done everything, to stand!"


I reflected upon my mother and the extraordinary job she did in raising me and my siblings, and the example she set as a woman of faith championing the power of prayer. I also reflected on the everyday Christian who walks and believes that Christ died for our sins, and that through Him we have access to the Kingdom. The image bespeaks of the sacredness of our being, and that we must stand for truth when the enemy comes in like a flood.

How to Purchase this Artwork

$2,500. Inquiry about purchasing the print through, C/O Steve Prince

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I conduct Visual Sermons and public lectures, utilizing my art as a tool to administer the Gospel focusing on social justice issues. I create experiential art workshops to get communities to connect and grapple with deep set issues that have historically caused division in our collective community. I show my artwork in exhibitions and all works are for sale. I also create public commissioned artwork in a variety of media, including; drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. Please send an email to:, c/o Steve Prince

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