Artist bio

I am a South Carolina Native who has been drawing since the age of five. Art is my life and everything about it makes me appreciate everything in life's creation.


Stand Firm



Artist Statement

This illustration gives viewers a visual idea of what a spiritual battle looks like and the meaning of the Armour of God. The man in my illustration appears to be normal and weak to the demonic or evil entity in front of him, but in actuality, he is a fearless warrior, who is fully and invisiby equipped with the Armour God. His shadow shows the warrior that he truly is and fights behind him in defense. Where he stands is healthy ground and life, while everything else is dead and terrible around him. The demon is seen fleeing from the man as the man's Armour and light burns him away and also destroys the arrows being shot at him, from another evil entity resting in a dark cloud above him. Some of the things being shot at the man are "temptation","weakness", "lies", and "doubt". The man's Armour allows him to withstand anything that the demons throw at him and protects him from the world wind of turmoil that others have gotten sucked into, which can be seen in the background in the tornado and darkness.

How it fits into contest

As Ephesians 6:10-20 says, the man in my illustration stands firm in the evil times, staring right into the eyes of evil as it is immediately ignited with flame from the power and strength of the man's hidden Armour. He is girded with truth, therefore the arrows of lies that are shot at him cannot deter him from what he knows. He is girded with the breastplate of righteousness and therefore cannot be swayed into temptation.

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