Artist bio

Swedish painter from the northern part. Paints all kind of things, but has mostly been landscape, flowers, portraits and such. Using all kind of medium, oil, acrylics, pastel, charcoal, watercolors and so on. Nothing stops me, and keep on being curious on new ways to make art.


Beauty in All Things



Artist Statement

I love this planet, how it provides for us such beauty, which is so hard to capture. This painting is made by oil colors on canvas-board and from a place where I used to walk my last dog. Winter is so clean and fresh and dogs love the air and the snow to play in.

How it fits into contest

at the time, I was under such stress at work, which I lost in the end, but at the time the only free and breathing was while walking the dog, which I also lost, because the military thought he was such a good dog to train, so he went to more education. But this dog, I love and because of him, I didn't lost myself totally, and it brought me strength to what I had to face everyday at work.

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