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Venezuelan born Artist (1963). Holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Central University of Venezuela. He served for several years as Director of Culture of his hometown and taught at training workshops in fine arts all around Venezuela. He performed specialized studies in Spain (Fresco Painting Techniques, Restoration of Paintings on Canvas, Stained Glass and Grisailles) and frequented the atelier of the great Venezuelan master Abdón Romero. In 2010, Aldo Muzzarelli has participated in individual and group exhibitions in Venezuela, The United States, Spain, and Italy; earning awards and recognition. He currently resides in Mauldin, South Carolina, and divides his time and work between Venezuela, The United States and Spain


Beyond Good and Evil...



Artist Statement

I try to convey optimism through my transform negatives into positives. Within a society that is often hostile, the most vulnerable have to protect themselves from the constant attacks of intolerance, selfishness, racism, sexism and domestic violence...The best way to do this is to fight ignorance, become aware and to fight for our ideals: to make the world a better place.

In this case, I present a teenage girl swinging during an anomalous rainfall which originates from rusty nails within the picture’s frame. A couple of rain drops are transformed into the chains that support the swing, and other drops slowly become a beautiful golden wall…
I have just finished this artwork and I feel that it fits perfectly with the theme of this contest...

How it fits into contest

Wearing the armor that comes from God means fighting against evil, but not protecting ourselves with physical armor or deadly weapons, but transforming evil into good, even with bare feet we must stand firm. All this is achieved by using spiritual nourishment: prayer, good behavior, honest work, education, preaching, Godly devotion.
In this art work I represent that armor with a golden wall that is formed from the drops of oxidized metal from the nails (which represent evil).
A barefoot and helpless girl rocks peacefully on a swing whose ropes have been formed from drops of dirty water by the rust. His face is at peace, expresses the faith that gives good acting, truth, hope and faith.


I thank God and my family that allow me to carry out this work that I like so much

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Type of work: a unique original
Purchase price: $7500

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