Artist bio

Yin Lu is a Chinese Australian Visual Artist, Muralist, Art Teacher of Brisbane Chinese School, UQ Arts & Crafts Facilitator, Founder of International Brand “The Window of Yin”, Vice-chairman of The Window of Yin International Career Alliance.


Bloom from Within



Artist Statement

“Bloom from Within” shows two yellow-skinned women, intimately linked by peonies and surrounded by beautiful air-borne creatures. The red and yellow hues, the same with the colours of the Chinese flag, dominate this work. Yin and yang take the sides of each woman.
The blooming peonies is a natural wonder. It is China’s national flower that dates back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. This ancient beauty represents grace, elegance, fullness and peace. As the peonies bloom, the more beautiful it becomes. There two women symbolise my dual nature. My yin and yang. Yin and yang are sacred to Taoism and Daoism beliefs. The yin is the dark shade, shadowed and feminine, while the yang is bright, passionate and promising. The artwork shows one side of myself comforting the other. As the peonies bloom, so do I while I maintain the balance within myself. A bird and two butterflies fly around my two selves. They represent the traditional paper-cutting art of the Chinese culture. They are also common symbols of freedom.

How it fits into contest

This piece is about the Spiritual Battle as it conveys a message of growth that can be achieved through self-love and inner balance. I believe that people should confront their dark sides to allow the light in. Acceptance is the key to a peaceful life. To bloom like a peony, I went to my roots, discovered my true self, and from within I blossomed.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Cost of Original Painting: $3180 (Australian dollars)
Purchase Method: Online Bank Transfer and Paypal (For more information please send me an email to:

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