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Growing up on a ‘dead end’ road in the county; Ohio-native artist, Jennifer Sowders, grew up spending a lot of time studying nature, and appreciating the Creator through the expression of art. Jennifer is a 1994 BFA graduate from the Columbus College of Art and Design. She is an Associate member of the Ohio Watercolor and National Watercolor Societies; on the board of the Fostoria Area Arts Council and member of the Ohio Art League. She is author of “Bible Promises Spoken”, a 100+ topical Bible Promise video series, through her YouTube channel: hearingGod. Selected prints of her work can be found at: Watercolor has become her primary medium in recent years and her landscape paintings have been in national shows, but she also has a series entitled “Hands” that encompass visions she has had. Spiritually themed pieces, like "Praying for You"; within this series, contain mixed media and assemblage. Jennifer returned to her childhood home in 2012, and although rural, opens up her studio: "MONgallery" to the public on MONdays, encouraging visitors to enjoy the woodlands, fields, stream and farm animals along the way. She is happily married to Gary and has 3 sons. n/a


Finding Meaning



Artist Statement

"Finding Meaning" is a self-portrait in the trying-times of Covid. My Father-in-Law was on a ventilator for 3 weeks and prayer ‘got real’. He pulled through and gives God the glory!
This piece is as a memorial for some; an expression of heartfelt prayer and real emotions in the thick of things, and an exhortation to hold fast to the beautiful promises of Jesus as symbolized in the flowers. I told my son to get me the biggest bouquet for my photo shoot because I wanted the flowers to counter the painful emotion… to seemingly envelop me and to know that the air is full of their sweet perfume. My eyes shut because I’m not focusing on the circumstances but I’m finding meaning in His truth.

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Throughout Ephesians 6:10-20 The words: Be Strong, Stand Firm and Truth, lift off the page to me. The tears wept are not weakness but are strength. They are earnest.. built from intercession. I can stand firm when my eyes are not on the circumstances of the battle but finding the meaning in focusing upon His truth (This is why my eyes are shut in the painting... "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood..."). By the crowding of flowers, I’m desiring to impart the memory of fragrance that flowers have which are symbolic of the fervent prayers during any battle. Psalm 141:2a “May my prayer be set before you like incense..”

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