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I present you Genesis or point zero of creation.
Genesis illustrates both worlds, the material world and the spiritual.
Both worlds were used by the creator to create us, because the human being has material body and has also spirit. Both worlds are melting into each other.

For the spiritual world i’ve used the pouring technique and for the material world i’ve used the impasto technique to paint the cloud and to express that energy of creation with lightnings.
The lightnings represent the energy and as you can see the lightnings have faces and each face has a galaxy because that is the creation of human being and i believe that in each human being there is an entire galaxy.

I wanted to show the interconnection of human being with the Universe because the human being is just a piece of Universe in the human form experiencing life.
The leafs represents also a part of creation and i wanted also to show that there is another piece of Universe experiencing this life as nature. The lightnings as form can be found in human veins, can be also found in leafs as veins and can also be branches of a tree. Everything is interconnected.

The hand in my painting is the mark of my hand which also shows the creation of human being and the sun and moon which we can see on the hand represents also the connection between the human being and the Universe. The Moon and the Sun on the hand can also be the tree of life, the symbol of “as above so below”. The Sun and the Moon are also melting in each other and they have the gray colour because is the beginning of their creation.

The drops which are falling up and down represents also the creation, the process of creation, the point zero when the creator was creating the world and in that point was chaos.
It can, in the same time, represents the end, that time doesn’t exist and that the point of the creation and the point of ending are one, is the same point, that happened in the same time and that time is just an illusion.

In the left corner of the painting under the cloud we can see half of face of the Creator because the Creator is consuming himself for creating the world, the Creator becomes less because of the energy and parts of him that he invest in creating the world but in the same time because of this world experience that he will live, he becomes more.

The Creator is a paradox… becoming less he becomes more…. such as an artist which has an idea in his mind, in his spirit and he creates a masterpiece, that artist becomes less because he materialize his idea but in the same time he becomes more because he lives the experience to see his idea materialized.
In the left corner near the Creator you can see the universal couple melting in a kiss to remember that everything that the creator does, was and is made with love, with an unlimited and unconditional love.

All over the painting you can see cracks, i wanted to illustrate the idea of destruction.
That the creator creates even when he destroys.
That there is beauty even in destruction of all kind and that to find ourselves, first, the creator destroys us, he’s turning us into pieces only to make us whole again, only for us to find ourselves, our true meaning, our true essence.

Every heartbreak, pain of all kind, any of these are just made to lead us to our real self and if now nothing seems to have meaning, one day by seeing the entire picture we will understand that everything happened in the best way for us, for our soul.
The Creator turns us to nothing in order to make us become everything!

I have a special connection with the creator since i was born and i had and i have many spiritual experiences and usually i paint what i feel, what i dream and i will continue to paint my spiritual experiences.

I’ve learned to paint by myself, i have no studies but i will learn more, i will do better and i will paint better to honour and compliment my ideas and i wish to offer to this world a part of me, a part of my soul in that way that when i will be gone i would love to know that someone somewhere will look at my paintings and will see life from a different perspective and maybe by remember me they will understand that anything is possible no matter the circumstances, the place from where they come, the life they had etc.

Genesis painting makes us stop for a while and think at our true essence, our true meaning, at the point zero of the creation, of us, at what we really are in this Universe, at why we live this life, on this planet, at our Creator and at his reason for which he created us, at this simple life but in the same time so complex, at the answers of questions that we don’t even have the courage to ask...

Thank you!

Stefania-Ionela Cobzaru

P.S.: If my photo doesn’t have a high quality i apologize for this.
I took the photo with my phone just with natural light and i’ve photographed my painting as it is, no filters, no nothing.
If you wish i can make a video to see my painting better.
Thank you!

How it fits into contest

Genesis is about to remember us about our Creator, about the fact that even in our "worst" times of our life, He will always defend us, He will always protect us, He will always be wit us. I have a special connection with God, since i was born, i was having a near death experience and also dreams and i felt Him and His miracles. He always assured me that i should have faith, without any doubt, just faith and He will arrange everything for me. Genesis, my painting, was painted by me and Him or better said by Him through me. Genesis remember us that even when it seems that He's breaking us in pieces, He's doing that only to make us be our best version and to make us see our true essence. I love to paint, i also create jewelry to sustain myself and even my little business name is about God, Vadis Jewelry, Vadis from the expression Quo Vadis when Peter asked Jesus “Quo Vadis Domine?” (Where are you going?) and Jesus answered I’m going to Rome to be ressurected. I was searching so long the name of my little business and i wanted something to be related to God and one morning i woke up and the word Vadis was coming in my mind and i was searching on the internet because i felt is something related to God and i found the expression, the latin expression so Vadis means Going and i was thinking it’s the perfect name because since i know myself God was always “going" with me through this life and even my little business is about Him and me.



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