Artist bio

I’m shang khalil I’m 19 yo From Sulaymaniyah I’m a student in university of Sulaymaniyah college of medicine second stage I’m very glad to participate in this great opportunity, I’m interested in building a society full of equality so I participated in different competition to show equality among genders through arts for example in SEED organization competition ,I also use my talent in drawing to showing health problems such as the bad effects of air pollution in our health and the risks of not getting vaccinated





Artist Statement

There is a woman in the painting and behind her is a threatening hand. It suggests harassment and murder that women in society are subjected to in order to preserve the honor of the family. I want to focus on this phenomenon in our society and reveal the curtains on this dangerous phenomenon because the life of A human being is sacred and no one has the right to take away this right
Size 50x70cm in pencil on canvas

How it fits into contest

It suggests inner peace and equality, curbing harassment of women, cutting off the hand of injustice, spreading justice and freedom to live for women

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