Artist bio

Ahmed Alshalali is a painter living and working in Sana'a,Yemen. His impressionistic style is concerned with secnse of everday life and represent peace in the humanity world. Alshalali studied oil painting at home where developed his skills to render the beauty of the everydaylife in Sana'a and mix it with deep ideas that gives power, activeness to the one who see it. A visionary artist with high sense. Alshalali pushes the boundaries of realastic painting techniques and his paintings have been exhibited worldwide, most notably in the Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and Egypt. This competition is considered an opportunity to reveal the feelings of Alshalali and to represent peace in a group of works.Feeling him through his colors and pens, while the reports of the war are very negative and doesn't tell about all the stories and doesn't share the facts to people except to determine their results... Alshalali is one of the youths that believes Suffering generates creativity. Despite the situation we didn't lose hope we are sure that after the stormy night the sun must set to rise





Artist Statement

My Artwork represent peace. I like to paint as as a bird sings, covering the canvas with dabs, dashes and squiggles of paint and recording the passing of time through changes in light. Peace is concept of harmony and the absence of hostility. In a behavior sense, peace is a lack of conflict and freedom from fear of violence between individuals and heterogeneous social group. Peace is the essence of good and safe life. Peace is the only thing that not only men and women are looking for ! But also what all countries around the world seeks for all eternity. Even animals need to feel safe. Peace is everything and everywhere in life and without it there is no point of living. Life is demolished and built, so the rays of light can not be stopped by the force of the night, however, a special tribute to the great moment of hope which emerge from the rubble of despair and ruin. Hope is a feeling of emotional optimism and the day's will turn to whatever we want, we are alive enough to say " this gotta be the good life "

How it fits into contest

For me, a landscape doesn't exist in its own right, since its appearance changes at every moment, but the surrounding atmosphere bring it to life. The air and the light which vary continually. For me, it is only the surrounding atmosphere which gives subjects to their true value. Using bright oil colour, I like to paint as a bird sings, covering the canvas with dabs, dashes and squiggles of paint and recording the passing of time through changes in light.


My nephew is the important one, when I was walking through the city Sana'a I found him sitting on the rock and I got an ideas of drawing him while he was writing and studying although the war and crisis in our country.

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