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Julie is originally from Nebraska and has been living and creating art in Bocas del Toro, Panama for 15 years. The natural beauty, abundance of wildlife, and the presence of wonderful characters give Julie endless inspiration. She has a varied portfolio that includes cartoons, portraits of people and their pets, fine art commissions, and designs of logos and apparel. Julie also creates murals and has made trucks and mobile offices her canvas. Julie has a strong affinity with animals and the sea and works in graphite, pen, ink, color pencil. acrylic and watercolors. At the moment she works predominately with acrylic pours, which is the technique she used in creating Humanity's Last Stand.


Humanity's Last Stand



Artist Statement

My submission, Humanity's Last Stand, was created using an acrylic pour technique for the background to create the division between the celestial and the dark. What I truly love about this technique is that you are not in control of the paint other than choosing the colors and knowing when to stop moving it, and when I do these with intent, the paint itself adds images that match my intent, as you can see in the close up photos. I do embellish them slightly so they are more evident to all as needed. This contest became known to me in November and once the virus lock down occurred in Panama, it felt to me that what the world is now faced with is precisely the theme of this contest and I was compelled to enter and hope that somehow, my image may open the minds of those that refuse to see, as now is the time where we all need to make our stand, together.

How it fits into contest

Humanity's Last Stand depicts the light resistance against the dark forces that rule our world. The character of the human represents all humanity guided and armored by the Holy Spirit, who puts right the inversion of the Godly. We live in extraordinary times in which the dark ruling elite is attempting a world take-over by unleashing a 21st-century plague. In Humanity's Last Stand, the 19th-century plague doctor embodies the evil force that is more interested in selling snake oil for large profits, rather than finding a genuine cure for any disease. The plague doctor displays different symbols that represent several forces of evil that cast their shadows over the world. The artwork is set in the heavenly realm where humanity, infused with the Holy Spirit brings the light and knowledge of universal truth that must be known to all. With this light, humanity can stand together, withstand the forces of evil and live in the world God intended for us all.


God, for giving me the gift and insight,answering my prayers and me.

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I am available for commission paintings and portraits, animals a specialty.

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