Artist bio

Born in 1985, Jay earned a B.A. in Art Education and Fine Art from Purdue University in 2011. He taught high school studio art before moving to the UK for four years, during which time he earned an M.A. in art history at the University of London, SOAS, and an M.Phil. in Tibetan and Himalayan Studies at the University of Oxford. He's also studied and worked in Manhattan, Kathmandu, and Seattle. He currently lives in New Haven, Connecticut with his wife, Sara Collins.





Artist Statement

I am drawn to stories of saints and hermits, and my paintings often deal with religious themes. The scene depicted in Icarus was inspired by medieval illuminated manuscripts and depictions of the crucifixion; however, abstract surreal forms stand in place of humanity and the cross is reduced to a looming black pillar.

How it fits into contest

The frenzied activity and intense color connotes a passion like the call to action in Ephesians 6:10-20.

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