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Isirgapov Uktam Makhmudovich. Born on June 27, 1996 in the Samarkand region, Past Dargom district. From 2007 to 2012 he studied at a specialized art school. During these years, in addition to painting, he additionally studied such art forms as plaster carving and miniature. In 2012 he entered the Republican Art College. P.P. Benkov in the direction of easel painting and graduated from it in 2015. During the year, I was engaged in self-development and organized creative trips. From 2016 to 2020, I studied at the National Institute of Arts and Design. K. Bekhzoda in the direction of easel painting in the workshop of Professor S. Rakhmetov. Currently I am a 2nd year student of the Master's program at the National Institute of Arts and Design. K. Bekhzod in the direction of monumental painting in the workshop of Professor B. Jalalov.


Sleep baby



Artist Statement

Hello. I love non-standard pictures that are remembered! I love to see and see that ordinary people don’t even feel, don’t notice. In this picture I showed a lot of things, there is time, hell, family and of course maternal love. life happened. And there I portrayed a pandemic (coronavirus). Look, think, life ends and it starts again!

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Of course…
In this world, the most important thing is the meaning of what and why we live! Here is my painting dedicated to this.


In this picture, life itself inspired me ... Every day I study life, what happens there, what people do, what they think about ...
I had a lot of thought, I did not know how to create something with this thought, to draw.
I love the films of the great director Kim Ki-duk. One day I heard a new film from him that I did not watch, I searched, found it and watched it. After this movie, I realized something else in this world. I had a lot of etudes sketches, with these I started painting. And our models also helped me, they posed very wel…. And of course I was lucky in life and creativity and technique of old and modern masters.

I show people real truths…

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Of course, all artists should know the value of their painting, without this, it’s not like ...

This painting is worth $10,000

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I also love plein air work, and I do it.
And I also like to engage in drawing and compositions.
You can see my instagram.(@isirgapovart)

And my profiles online galleries
There I am Uktam Isirgapov.

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