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I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, in 1985, was self-employed as a freelance artist, working on consignments and exhibitions. After immigrating to Australia in 2002, I completed a Teaching Diploma at Edith Cowan University and commenced teaching. In the fourteen years that followed, I taught art while maintaining my own art practice. In 2014, I volunteered to teach art to refugees for the Red Cross, which lead to a successful exhibition at Central TAFE. In 2017, I became the Head Teacher in the Arts at Parkerville Christian College, where I teach fine art to senior students. In 2018, I completed a Master of Art and Design degree at Curtin University. During this period, I continued practising art privately and exhibited at various galleries and competitions in Perth in my works. I love to inspire anyone who wants to learn how to do art and share my own stories in my art.


Spiritual Warfare or Remember the Light, a Portrait of Hope



Artist Statement

This work is a reminder that a little bit of light can overcome darkness, but darkness cannot overcome the light. The portrait looks towards the lighter areas as a symbol of hope.

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God does not expect us to defeat the enemy- he has done that already, but we need to overcome our own battles. Facing day to day tribulations, we need the armour of God which helps us stand firm against the darkness, to protect us and guide us in our battles. In this work, the person looks towards the light symbolic of salvation and hope.

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Franci Hepburn
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