Karen Pasko

Artist bio

Raised by an Illinois farmer and an artist mother, Karen Pasko's artwork reflects local beauty and scenery. After studying art at Lincoln Land Community College and various Springfield studios, Karen has developed her unique style, which has continued to evolve and grow over the years.


Stand Firm



Artist Statement

My What Knots incorporate all elements of their artistic presentation with their sculptured style. Frame, canvas, wall, and paint harmonize in beautiful abstracts, landscapes, and expressions of faith. Canvas, twists, knots, angles, and folds create interesting puzzles for your mind while the 3D quality begs to be touched by hand and eye. In this piece, the warrior is connected to the cross literally by the twisted canvas.

How it fits into contest

The spiritual battle is fought in the power of the cross. The warrior faces the cross with a war cry, his sword cuts through the darkness, and his shield stops fiery darts. His large feet represent standing firm against the principalities and powers of darkness.

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