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Independent artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Follower of Christ.


The Angelicals



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The biblical world (i.e. the actual one), contains the unseen realm, often referred to as the heavens, and the common realm, earth. CS Lewis often referred to the earth as "the shadowlands," by which he is referencing Plato's cave-metaphor. According to Lewis (and Plato), we live in a dark cave and think that the shadows dancing on our walls are real things. But "Reality" are the forms casting the shadows- the ones we can't see, but we know are there. While Plato was a pagan philosopher, the parallels between his reasoning and the world described by Scripture in general, and Paul in particular, has interested Christians for millennia. It interests me in what I see in the skies. Skies are suggestive, no accident in God's providence.

How it fits into contest

I've borrowed the term, "Angelicals" from Charles Williams, an author/ colleague of CS Lewis (and one of the so called, "inklings." Williams writes a story about a small town that experiences an in-breaking of previously unseen forms--those powers inhabiting the unseen realm. Paul refers to such in Ephesians 6 (and elsewhere), calling them, "rulers," "authorities," and "cosmic powers" (v.12). I think removing human figures and rendering towering forms in the sky is one way to picture their influence and interest--which is cosmic, not merely individual.


Paul of Tarsus
CS Lewis
Charles Williams

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$900. Includes frame, but not shipping.

Email me at and we'll work out the details.

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I enjoy spiritual artwork. Contact me for any commissions.

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