Artist bio

I completed a Master Specialisation D.E.S.S. in Scenography (TV Studio, Theater, Cinema and International Exhibitions ) in 2017 after I completed a D.E.S.S. in Interior Architecture at the Institute of Fine Arts and Architecture of the Lebanese University in 1998. My Diploma thesis project was entitled “Animation Space for Kids”. And my Master Specialisation Thesis research was entitled “Scenography’ Tricks in Cinema and Theater”. I have more than ten years of professional work experience as an Interior Architect at several organizations in Lebanon. Similarly, I worked for few years as a part-time Teacher of Art at several schools. I participated in several specialized training courses related to: Autocad 2D-3D, Adobe Photoshop, 3D max Studio Animation, 3D Home Dream, 3D Home Deluxe, VRAY, Adobe after Effects Animation, Architectural drawings, and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, etc. I organized several exhibitions of my Art work (drawings, paintings, craft works, etc.) in Lebanon. Moreover, I published many articles in several newspapers and journals related to culture, art, society, as well as other topics. I believe that one of the main objectives of an artistic education is to have a crucial impact on the evolution and development of the individual and on unleashing the potential of his innovative thinking and creativity.


The Dreamer girl



Artist Statement

“The Dreamer Girl” represents dreaming of a better world. A world where there is nothing to worry about. Where the Sun shines through the rainy skies. Even in the darkest moments, there is always a way to keep looking for the light with a great faith, and to keep doing the best we can.

In this painting, I used a mixed media, a composition between acrylic paints and ink. Here, I would be very happy to show a few pieces of my artwork. Creating art is what’s relaxing for me at all the moments, and there is no greater pleasure for me than to exhibit my art.

How it fits into contest

“ He who works with his hands is a worker, he who works with his hands and his mind is a craftsman, and he who works with his hands, mind and heart is an artist ”. Francis Di assisi

So, Art is a significant aspect of human experience. The purpose of my art is to reveal beauty that is often unseen to others. But there is a different point in assuming absolute beauty. Beauty varies so much from person to person, from time to time, and from race to race. However, Art is the beauty that touches the souls and makes them wonder. It is the beauty addressed directly to the emotions of the observer. This is the most important talent that art itself can possess.

I hope my experience of beauty through those few pieces of artwork, raises a new truth concerning our purpose in life, the sense of enrichment, of greater faith, for a better world we are aiming for.

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