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Elizabeth M. Preston, M.A., is an award-winning artist and educator who paints and teaches art in “Elizabeth’s Art Studio” in Claremont, California. Initially she studied representational painting under a number of watercolorists in St. Louis, Northern Ohio and Chicago, including Clarence Perkins, Robert Tacketch, Dan Stone, Florian Laughton, Lowell Ellsworth Smith, Robin Wertz, and Nancy Fortunato. Relocating to California, she further pursued a fascination with color and light using a variety of media in a representational style. She studied at various times under noted artists Mary Aslin, Gerald Brommer, Robert Burridge, Jean Carbonetti, Betty Hook, Fealing Lin, Barbara Nechis, Chris Van Winkle and Milford Zornes, in order to arrive at her own abstract impressionistic style. Her efforts were rewarded by inclusion in North Light Books’ Fourth Annual Best of Acrylic Art publication, “Acrylic Works 4: Captivating Color,” (May, 2017) and highlighted in Southwest Art magazine’s April 2017 issue. In 2020, Elizabeth celebrates the 25th anniversary of Elizabeth’s Art Studio in Claremont. She holds weekly art classes for adults and children and also provides private and semiprivate lessons. Currently Elizabeth is represented by Gallery SOHO in Montclair, CA. She resides in Mt. Baldy Village in the San Gabriel Mountains overlooking Claremont and the Los Angeles basin. N/A


Will You Choose Christ or Thirty Pieces of Silver?



Artist Statement

I began this acrylic painting as I became increasingly disturbed by some of the immoral decisions our society was making. I read of greed, I observed an increasing degree of ignorance among those younger than myself, ignorance of the love of Christ, and an open denial of faith of any kind. I am often inspired to paint based on scriptural subjects. I was led to paint this painting in response to the spiritual problems mentioned above. I took photographs of the cross with the wreath of thorns that rests on the altar of my church. I researched to find the cup Christ used at the first communion at the last supper. I researched the type of coins paid to Judas in return for his betrayal. I baked bread to replicate the host. Later, I was gratified when a young teen asked me to explain the symbolism and gave me an opportunity to witness. my faith.

I have been a professional painter for over twenty years, practicing my craft in watercolor, acrylic, and a variety of other media. I choose to paint in either representational , impressionistic or abstract style, whatever will convey the strongest image. I am a former bible study leader/teacher and find myself often moved by scripture as I create new work. Initially I was inspired by the work of Van Gogh, not only his use of color but his dedication that his art and its messages were to become the voice of his ministry. My dedication is to bring forth beauty, to bring glory to the Creator through my use of color and hope the choice of images will reflect His majesty.

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This piece, "Will You Choose Christ or Thirty Pieces of Silver?," was inspired by the spiritual struggle we as Christians face: the battle between choosing the world or honoring the work of Christ on the cross. The dark areas represent those who are lost, who know no way to put on the full armor of God. Conversely the cross brings the light of God that guards and protects us from sin and betrayal. Symbolically the cup and the bread are our reminders that by renewing our faith we remain strong that we may defeat the powers of darkness. The blood of the cup is intentionally spilling out onto the coins in remembrance of Judas Iscariot's fatal choice to acquiesce, surrender the battle and betray our Lord. My desire is that this image will cause the saved and unsaved to ponder their choices.


Elizabeth Preston

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Original Acrylic, 30x24 inches Museum Wrap $3000.00
It can be purchased by contacting
Elizabeth M. Preston M.A.T 909 985 5503'
P.O. Box 334 Mt. Baldy , Ca. 91759

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Direct commissions in watercolor, acrylic, watersoluble oil; still life and landscape.
Private adult or small group adult watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media classes/workshops by online Zoom
Creative Journaling Expressive Arts private consulting or support groups by online Zoom
Children's Art classes by online Zoom

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