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Nicora Gangi was educated at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, USA (BFA 1974 and MFA 1976). She was a Professor of Art at Syracuse University for 29 years. Gangi has been awarded many Grand Prize and First Place awards and grants. She has been and continues to be published in numerous artist’s books on pastel paintings. She has lectured regionally and nationally as a visiting artist at universities and artist’s guilds.


Woman Clothed With The Sun



Artist Statement

‘A great sign appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet and on her head a crown of twelve stars and she was with hold and she cried out being in labor and in pain to give birth. And another sign appeared in heaven and behold a great red dragon…and the dragon stood before the women who was about to give birth, so that when she gave birth he might devour her child…. .and she gave birth to a son who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron’. (Revelation 12:1-5)

In the upper left hand corner you find a figure of a light swathed woman, holding a child, wearing a crown of stars and her feet on a moon, (Revelation 12:1) . The Battle ,by angels against the dragon, is happening outside of this glorious light filled scene where the woman is protected. Below this scene, is there is a large central book,The WORD of God, with seven seals as revealed in Revelation 5:1. The eagle is representative of the multitude of birds that are invited to gorge themselves with the flesh of wickedness. at the end of the battle. (Revelation 19: 21)

Three apples, 3 signifying the Trinity, Jesus Christ is the First Fruits of those that die. The use of Red apples is a symbol of Jesus' precious blood,shed for His people which covers them in the robes of His righteousness (Revelation 7:14, 19:13). The apple often referred to the fall of mankind, in the history of art, is now the fruit of wholeness and goodness only possible through Jesus Christ. (the fruit of the Spirit- Galatians 5: 22,23) The two bird skulls- refer to the death of the two Witnesses (Revelation 11:3) who then come back to life.

The flute is in reference to a musical instrument that makes notes and notes written down play an important role in the playing of music. The central placement of God’s WORD are His notes to His people. The pocket watch, an instrument which shows the passage of time, refers to a time for these events to be disclosed.

How it fits into contest

This pastel drawing illustrates the battle of His people against the unseen forces in the heavenly realms as stated in the Ephesians (6:12). The people of God are always in battle with this unseen ‘darkness’ watching very carefully for the roaring lion ( I Peter 5:8) that devours. The objects chosen for this pastel drawing are all in relation to this battle. It is full of many of the symbols for God, His temple, the proverbs of Solomon and the teachings of Jesus. Some are obvious illustrations of these concepts, others may be more obscure.



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I continue to accept commissions for work created and for private lessons in the arts of pastel, drawing and painting.

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