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I am an award winning portrait photographer. My work in generally is centered around social justice focusing on women and children and working with NGO`s, using my story telling ability through the lens to bring attention to the work they do.





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This body of work follows the journey of a recovered substance abuser who found the path to healing through faith and nature while embracing her Scandinavian roots.

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Alana smiled at me encouragingly, as I followed her into the wooded behind her house. She was barefoot, her dog, Ottis, on her side as on most mornings. She was wearing a white gown, a golden cross resting above her heart, a feather braided loosely in her wind swept hair.
She patently waited for me to catch up, pausing on the trail. She closed her eyes and smiled into the sun, and I thought to myself; I have never met anybody more empowering.

The most striking to me when I met Alana was the kindness and love which she carries as a shining armor. She is a person of incredible strength whom fought her battles and turned her back to her demons, finding peace and solace in faith, going back to her roots in nature.

I can't help but be in awe, after spending many hours in the woods listening to her story of battle and of recovery. This body of work celebrates ambassadors of the light; champions of recovery, who fought their battles within and overcome it with humble certainty and peace.


Alana Waters

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I sell artwork, pleas contact me.

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