Kyle Kotte

Artist bio

My name is Kyle Kotte. I have been assimilating a wide variety of cloud photography since 2020 with a focus on “apparitions” in the sky that defy logic and bring great inspiration for all humanity.


Behold, He Cometh with Clouds



Artist Statement

Through patience, persistence and the power of faith, my prayers were answered in the literal clouds surrounding me. This artwork aims to inspire the viewer with photographs of powers that could only be revealed through a canvas as grandiose as the heavenly sky realm itself.

How it fits into contest

This artwork is the literal personification of the battle of good and evil; Jesus Christ the Redeemer vs. the Devil, that Dragon and Satan as revealed to me during a time of great tribulation in heaven and on earth, The coronavirus pandemic. With the power of Christ and the Blessed Mother beside me, and literally above me in the clouds of heaven, that Dragon tried it's hardest to takeover the realm of the sky and of my heart. It failed to penetrate my armor of God, and I was able to face the music with no fear, for where the flame of God's light burns, all darkness must be cast out with it. The spiritual battle is above as so below. To acquire this art in the clouds, I found myself in a spiritual battle of life and death, and by submitting these images, I know that Jesus Christ is my savior, and that those who follow in his footsteps shall be overcome by no evil. Those who can feel and see the energy in this artwork can celebrate in the victory that is Jesus Christ, God the Father, through his creative Spirit in heaven and on Earth. Mind, Body, and Spirit gives us the armor. Take up your sword and fight the good fight. With God we can do all things.

How to Purchase this Artwork

I do not have a set cost for acquisition of this art.

Contact me by email or phone if interested and we can go from there.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I enjoy public speaking as well as photography. Contact me with any questions regarding either. Thank you, God Bless

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