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Martrecia is the Owner, Head of Design and Photography at Photo-Synthesis Designs. She confirmed her childhood love for fashion when in 2012 she pursued a number of short courses including Swimwear and Lingerie Design at leading UK fashion schools, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and London College of Fashion. After graduating as Valedictorian for her Faculty at the U.W.I. in 2013, she went on to earn an Open Scholarship in the area of Fashion from the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. Martrecia then travelled to New York to complete a Masters in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management from top fashion school, LIM College. Before returning to T&T in 2015, she also completed a six month Certificate in Visual Merchandising Large Scale at yet another globally recognized fashion school, the Fashion Institute of Technology. Martrecia currently works as the Visual Merchandising Coordinator for the Ashley Furniture brand in T&T, taking her showroom designs skills regionally as lead designer for Ashley showroom setup in Guyana and Aruba. In her free time she enjoys travelling,photography and residential interior design projects when time permits.


Conflict and Courage



Artist Statement

My process to create always includes layers of photography influenced by nature. In this case, a beautiful photo of the Roxborough Coast in Tobago was manipulated into a vibrant textile design and then constructed into a beautiful flowing shirtdress. The garment now being worn by a model is photographed at almost the exact location where the initial photograph used in the textile was taken in Roxborough.

This photo within a photo concept is present throughout most of my body of work and is a nod to the influence that our surroundings have on what we wear and my focus on the connection between fashion and tourism. This photo was taken on a rooftop overlooking the coast creating an interesting contrast of the scale of the photo in the textile and the overall photograph. The vastness of the landscape helps to make the model seem more isolated. The balcony effect with the ‘near invisible’ edge helps to communicate the uncertainty of the situation the model is in and fear of the unknown that lies ahead. A mirroring technique was used to connect two photos with the model in slightly different stances to create the impression that the she is observing herself from a distance as she navigates a perilous situation.

Although there is a greater story to be told, at a glance, this is simply a beautiful and unusual photo of model in a resort wear piece overlooking the beautiful Pirates Boatyard in Tobago.

How it fits into contest

The Spiritual Battle in Ephesians 6:10-20, is a struggle like nothing else you have faced previously in your life. At moments like that it can feel like storm clouds are surrounding you and you are being boxed in while standing at the very edge of life as you knew it where everything else before you seems overwhelming, loathsome and unknown; and not being sure what to do feels like a battle in and of itself. These feelings are communicated clearly in the imagery of this piece –the stormy sky, turbulent waters and the narrow ‘near invisible’ ledge that separates the model from what lies below.

In these trying and uncertain times when tough decisions must be made, one must look within and to the Lord for strength to rid yourself of the fear that holds you back from doing what must be done to take a stand against the devil’s schemes. And, in those moments it can feel as though you are powerlessly watching yourself struggle hence the mirrored image of the model representing that ‘out-of-body’ experience of despair.

But that is the exact moment that you must begin to pray for the fearlessness to unchain yourself and take that bold step into the unknown covered only by the mystery of the gospel, for it is more than enough amour.


Model: Mintoi Thorpe

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Canvas prints of this copy and all other works can be purchased for $750TTD - $2500TTD with prices varying based on the dimensions of the canvas.

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Clothing and soft furnishings (gowns, streetwear, resort wear, swimwear, throw pillows etc.) featuring my photos printed on fabric and transformed into one-of-a-kind wearable art and accent pieces can be purchased via my website:

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