Artist bio

Hii, my name is Sofia The Human. I like to take pictures because I sense that through my camera I have the ability to share my existence with the rest of us humans.





Artist Statement

Humano is an experimental portrait of a young man being guided toward warmth and love by the elemental and abstracted hands of the all-powerful God's divine light and grace. This image was captured candidly in front of Sidney Sussex College at Cambridge when one of my classmates noticed the first drops of rain and decided to beautifully enjoy the gift of water. When I look closely at the nature of humanity, I can easily see its magnificence, which is why photographing the effervescent candidness of the human life given to us is so fascinating to me.

How it fits into contest

My depiction is partially inspired by Ephesians 6:10-20 and it rather envisions the resolution of the Spiritual Battle against the devils’ forces of evil. Its colors have the purpose of differentiating the monotone and obscure powers of this dark world, and the warmth and love that shines from the heavenly realms. My image portrays the hands of God guiding a young man towards peace as he stands firm and fights with truth, righteousness, and faith.


Seb from Cambridge, thank you for being beautiful.

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