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Award-winning and sought-after story-teller with an extensive background in marketing communications, international business and photography/videography. An expert at creating cultivating stories who brings images to life.





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Upon my visit to the Island of Saint Lucia, I was met by a new life long friend, named Kyle. Kyle and I played "cartoons" in the water, splash and made faces at the camera, and ran around the beach playing football/soccer with a plastic bottle. Later, I spoke with his Aunt, Yasmine, who explained to me Kyle was abandoned by his mother and took him in so he wouldn't grow up on the streets. Two days later, they had me over for an authentic St. Lucian meal. It's so incredibly eye-opening to witness how the rest of the world lives. St. Lucia is by no means the cleanest country I've ever been to, but it truly is the soul of the Caribbean and none more embody that idea than Kyle and Yasmine.

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To me, this work is the embodiment of the Spiritual Battle. Yasmine, a single women in a desolate place chose to raise her nephew, Kyle, when he would have been left to the streets. The bravery of this women, to combat the evil of the world with selfless good shone within her nephew. Kyle is the symbolic image of good, towering over the darkness and rising out of the ocean.


Kyle (surname unknown)

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