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Portrait photographer from Lviv, Ukraine





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I used a red cloth for the photo in order to cover the face and body of a girl. It was important for me for the photo to speak for itself with its sacred vibes. It's not easy to show spiritual experiences along with other inward emotions, no need to expose it, because we always have to face ourselves during our inner battles. The name of photo is "Shadow", when it comes to any fight - there is a "shadow" overhead. This is why a cloth could serve as a visual shadow. And red color is a color of warfare, a symbol of fight not in a physical life but a fight inside of us.

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Through my photo I tried to show the complexity of our emotional perception during the spiritual warfare. Even though there are many people who help us fight temptations, it is important to stress that one of the most important fights with evil is happening inside of us. A red cloth may be considered as a symbol of spiritual warfare, and in the same time, it may be seen as a visual shield, a protection we build to fight evil, stand strong in our belief, to be ready. Because we have this shield, a shield of faith.


model: Marysia

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