Artist bio

I am a professional artist whose artworks reflect my Christian faith and worldview. I am deeply moved by human behavior and spiritual experiences across the globe. Much of my art embraces humanity in an empathetical way to promote universal solidarity. I exhibit my art internationally and I am the founder and CEO of a Christian artist collective.





Artist Statement

The process to craft “Fearless” is delicate and tedious. The work of art is made from recycled pieces of art magazine pages rolled into tiny tubes and assembled into various patterns. The fragile construction gains strength with each added piece and vibrates a message of righteousness. It is a meditative piece requiring patience, diligence and prayer. The mystery of its final composition is a result of intersecting challenges of stability and grace.

How it fits into contest

The construction of “Fearless” portrays a strong solidarity of presence in the Spirit ready for action. The black and white gestures contrast the light in darkness The tiny print patterns have a mysterious energy embraced in an overall cross pattern affirming the gospel of peace. The side chevrons emulated attack by arrows that are shielded away by the vertical lines of defense. At a distance it simulates a breastplate or shield, yet up close you encounter the essence of black and white truth, as spoken in the World of God..

How to Purchase this Artwork

$375, contact at

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