Artist bio

My Work Explores the shifts of The subconscious and the Conscious realms of human and myth; the reality we all share and the mystical fields that co-exist beyond. I choose to source my materials from the space around my experience; Found and natural objects and then I develop through a sculptural journey entwining these objects together to develop a body of work from the unseen into the seen.





Artist Statement

My body of work is shared from a personal Experience when I was approached by a woman who I met at a workshop and asked if I would donate my Eggs. I agreed and through a lengthy process the egg took and the baby developed. Sadly the baby died 3 days after birth and I was advised that the baby had deformed Genitalia. I always imagined if the baby had a spirt and what would 'it' look like and then the Mermaid was formed.

How it fits into contest

My artwork reflects the spiritual battle because it questions Creation and also Science interfering with Nature.

It raises the questions of letting nature take its place and if one cannot produce then this is the way or is interfering benefiting in some way?

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