Deliver Us

This video was made to show a very clear distinction between the world's agenda and the agenda of Christ's Kingdom. We are asking the Lord to Deliver Us from the stronghold that media and music has on the people today.

We truly are in a spiritual battle as Paul lays out so clearly in Ephesians. I believe one of the enemy's strongest tactics today is to barrage the people with constant sensory input. From music to media and any other way he can gain a stronghold. That is where this music video comes in. We wanted to disrupt the steady stream of obscene and graphic content with the truth of God's word. This video's intent is to enter the spiritual battle that Paul lays out with the full armor of God equipped. I believe this is what Paul encourages us to do when he says that we would be able to stand against the enemy. Ephesians 6:19-20 has been my life verse since I was 12 years old. When Paul asks for prayer, not for freedom from persecution but for utterance to speak truth boldly, that resonates with me and encourages me to a level that I cannot put into words. That the mystery of the Gospel would be made known.


Brenden McPeek

Art Medium

Music Video

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