My inspiration for this song comes from the acknowledgment of the presence of evil in the world and how that evil inflicts itself and gets perpetuated when we are not aware of it. While my spiritual walk has always been a dominant force in my life, my eyes were not TRULY opened to the depths of spiritual warfare before a few years ago. Whether or not you believe in angels or demons, we cannot change the truth - “everything in life is rooted in and affected by the
spiritual” - Tony Evans.

The straightforward message of Demons uses poetic language to articulate how life is full of unseen battles (anger, jealousy, toxic behavior, lifelong struggles that lead to a negative or spiraling
mindset). There are noticeable differences between treating life like a battleground and treating it like a playground.
I chose to present this performance without music as this is a message that is both important overall as well as highly personal to me - I am thankful to my team for helping me create a space that is stark & unsettling enough for the emphasis to rest entirely upon the spoken message presented, as I feel it is one that many, if not all,
can identify with. If I can inspire those who watch this video to open their minds to the possibility of an unseen world, research any of the scriptural references made in the video, or even just consider guarding their thought and attitudes in general, then I will feel I have done my job as an artist. This a cappella performance of "Demons" is a nice contrast to the
full production version, placed in a stark and unsettling space as a means to allow the viewer to focus entirely upon the message presented.

It will be on my next project
- "Light of Mind" -


Mickey Young

Art Medium

Music Video

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