Hear My Prayer

“Hear My Prayer" tells the story of a spiritual battle experienced in its entirety by a girl who finds herself feeling alone in a darkened world.
She begins to question her faith in God, crying out to him for help and wondering why her prayers remain unanswered. In the thick of her struggles and inability to feel God's presence, she resorts to a life accompanied by sin. Just when she is ready to give up all hope, she
hears the voice of God and is able to get back on her feet by putting her fate in his hands. My lyrics are a direct reflection of a spiritual battle I once endured.

Writing about that experience has given me a new calling to support and uplift others who feel stuck in a similar battle of their own. This contest has made me realize that writing music can be a powerful venue for me to tell my story and hopefully have a positive impact on my audience. The main intention I have for my audience is that my song resonates with them and that they can relate the story to some part of their own lives.


Samantha Sloat

Art Medium

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