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Direction, editing, postproduction: Juan Carlos Arévalo
Dance, text, narration: Camille Hanson
Music: Ecce Cello


Camille has worked extensively as a dancer, choreographer and teacher; she has produced a steady stream of work acclaimed for its ecological and social commitment. Camille has concentrated on stage productions as well as site-specific works that raise questions about empathy in times of dramatic environmental change.


Juan Carlos has been working professionally for 20 years as a visual
artist, editor, director and photographer holding various exhibitions and presentations in events such as Lincoln Center, Stanford University, TEA Tenerife Contemporary Art. Since 2008 Arévalo has collaborated with Camille Hanson creating works for festivals throughout the U.S., Europe, and Mexico.

Performing Arts Genre

Spoken Word | Dance

The Hammer and the Dance

Visual artist, Juan Carlos Arévalo, and choreographer, Camille Hanson, combine dance and image to harness the sensitivity of art to spark conversation about the world we live in and know most intimately during the COVID 19 pandemic."The Hammer and The Dance" was created during quarantine in the space of their home in Mpls., MN.

"The Hammer and The Dance" aims to spark conversation about our current pandemic in hopes of giving space towards recognizing hidden opportunities our global crisis might hold. In essence, it is a visual gospel of peace.


For obtaining a digital copy of this visual creation please contact Camille Hanson at: camillechanson@gmail.com

Camille offers 1 hour movement studies class on-line via Zoom.


Camille Hanson and Juan Carlos Arévalo

Art Medium

Performing Arts, Spoken Word | Dance

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