I had a difficult time selecting the concept for this video. It was very important that the message was not hidden or missed because too much was happening on-screen. So I went with simplicity. I found a shoot location that spoke to my message and my intention with the lyrics I wrote. It was shot at Fort Rocky in Port Royal, Jamaica, once known as the wickedest city in the world. Built around 1888, Fort Rocky is an abandoned battle fort and what I thought was the perfect location for
the video. I consider this song a journal entry, and the video, a memoir to myself and my fighting brethren. It describes my battle strategy and my dependence on God. I've learned this year, from my personal battles, that nothing about this fight will be easy but it most definitely will be worth it. The key is to keep fighting, no matter what. We must stand against the enemy's wiles so in the end we can stand before God and hear "Well done my good and faithful servant".

The Ephesians 6 text came to life in my life a few months ago, before I even knew of this contest. I came under a series of spiritual attacks and, from those experiences, the lyrics of this song was penned. It is written in the knowledge of Ephesians 6:10-20, as a declaration of my stance in this Spiritual Battle; I will fight until my last breath because
God has enabled me with the strength, armor and wisdom that is needed to win. This piece of work sheds light on the spiritual battle we are in as believers and it affirms that our help does not come from man but from God. It is directly linked to the contest topic as it explores the spiritual battle and the need to get 'armored' up in order to stand against the enemy in combat.


Jhenelle Lewis

Art Medium

Music Video

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