We love seeing the many submissions from creative minds all over the world to the Engage Are Contest! We want to ensure that you have full access to all the details of our competition so that you can take home the prize!

What’s the topic of the Engage Art Contest?

The Engage Art Contest is a juried competition for original visual art, music video, film, and performing arts. The theme of our contest is the Spiritual Battle described in Ephesians 6:10-20 and related verses. You can develop your artwork to illuminate any part of the Ephesians passage or other scripture, as long as you relate it to that passage in some way. There is no requirement to use war imagery.

I submitted my art, but it was rejected. Why?


First, and arguably, most importantly, the topic must remain consistent with our theme. All works accepted into this contest must be informed by a particular set of Bible verses—Ephesians 6:10-20. Entrant will have the opportunity to explain how the work responds to these verses as part of the submission.

File Size and Formats

Please ensure that before you submit your final entry, they comply with the following file size and format specifications for the individual categories.

i. For Original Music

  • 5 minutes or less
  • Lyrics drawn directly from scripture will be considered most favorably.
  • Lyrics must be included in submission, if the music contains lyrics.
  • Music video accepted, only.
  • File formats for music video: mp4, MOV, m4v
  • File formats for cover art: jpg, gif, tiff, png
  • File size up to 400 MB each

ii. For Original Video

  • 5 minutes or less
  • File formats mp4, MOV, m4v
  • File formats for cover/poster art: jpg, gif, tiff, png
  • File size up to 400 MB each

iii. For Original Visual Art

  • Artistic medium, dimensions
  • 1 to 5 photos of each artwork
  • File format jpg, gif, tiff, png
  • File size up to 400 MB each, zip, SVG

Original Work

The Work Entrant submits must be an original work created solely by Entrant or Entrant’s team. It may not be a copy of another party’s work. It may not include content
that is copyrightable by anyone else. Entrant is solely responsible for any copyright infringement.


For the Engage Art 2019-2020 Contest, works may be submitted until midnight Eastern Standard Time on May 31st, 2020. No works will be accepted past this posted deadline.

These are the most common reasons that submissions to the Engage Art Contest are rejected. Keep these in mind while you’re creating your entry for the contest! For a full list of rules, please visit this page.

Get ready to Engage Art, Engage scripture, and Engage Culture!