7 Ways for an Artist to Stay Inspired

Kirsten Kreiling | Reflection & Growth | November 17, 2017

Artists get burnt out, tired and creatively blocked. So here are a few simple and easy ways to open the floodgates and get creating.

Watch a Documentary

If you have a Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime subscription, you’re in luck because you have plenty of options for fantastic documentaries to inspire you creatively. Even if you don’t, find a YouTuber artist who showcases their projects and you’ll get a similar feel. Most of these documentaries and movies are made with the goal of motivating and inspiring fellow creatives, while also showcasing their artist or topic. These can be great distractions and an easy way to take a break from your project when you’re feeling burnt out.

Take a Break from Your Big Project and Try Something Else

Speaking of taking a break, you’ll want to do that from time to time. Don’t spend all of your waking moments with one project unless you’re feeling ultra-creative and making a lot of progress. By taking a second to breathe, you’ll give yourself an opportunity to think creatively about different things and consider new angles to approach your piece.

Another way you can take a break is by focusing on an entirely different project. Work on something small in comparison and altogether different in its objective. These differences cause your brain think in different ways, which can bring forth immense creativity.

Visit Museums

If you live in the city or at least in the vicinity of one, the chances are that you’re near at least one museum. It might not be an art museum, but you can still gain inspiration from history or something similar. The primary objective when visiting these places is to be open to new ideas and gather inspiration for your project. What works; what doesn’t; how did they think of that; are all questions to consider when walking around a local museum. This is a fantastic way to get out of the house, get a change of scenery, and be inspired.

Read About Art and Creativity

Besides stimulating your mind with visual art in museums, you can also read more about creativity, success stories, your Bible, blogs about art, etc. Immerse yourself in a culture that’s brimming with inspiration and ways to alter your perspective. Reading can be motivating and also educational at the same time. Remember that though you’re an artist, you’re always a learning artist. Continually honing, working and practicing to be the best.

Fill Your Feed with Creativity

You’re on social media regularly. But your feed can be more effective for your art career. You can help your daily inspiration by following fellow creatives and accounts that are geared towards motivating you with quotes and example projects. This almost makes inspiration inescapable. Think of this as your on-the-go museum.

Go for a Walk and Enjoy the Peace

This is an extension of taking a break from your project; separate yourself from all aspects of working with art. Step away, get out of the office and take a walk or sit on a bench in the park. One of the most beautiful ways God shows His creativity is through the subtle genius of nature. Go and enjoy it! You can do this by yourself, with your family or with a group of friends. The important part is that you’re taking a step away from your art and enjoying life. You can gain inspiration from this, but you don’t need to focus too much on getting motivated from these activities. The critical component is that you’re getting a breather from working so hard.

Talk to Other Creatives

Network with other artists, especially ones not in your medium. If you’re a musical artist, it’s essential to have a circle that includes other musical artists, but you can gain just as much from a visual artist. By talking with all types of creatives, you’ll learn different perspectives on a wide variety of art and what it’s like being an artist in today’s culture.

Those are just a few simple ways that you can remain inspired and motivated for your art projects. The Engage Art Contest is currently in full swing, and we're so excited for what our community will create. Keep an eye on that final submission day and keep engaging with art, culture, and scripture!

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